How secure is Telehealth?

Telehealth is fully integrated within our software, SimplePractice, and is developed in a secure and compliant manner that meets administrative, technical, and physical control requirements defined by HIPAA. Our information security and compliance program is derived from the HIPAA, HITRUST, and NIST security frameworks to ensure our measures meet all necessary security and privacy controls. All of the data within the SimplePractice application, including our Telehealth feature, is encrypted both at rest and in transit using industry-recognized best practices that go above and beyond compliance requirements.

We offer telehealth!


We wanted to reach out to our clients, both current and future, & let you know that we understand the growing concerns regarding COVID-19.  Our Clinic is open & offering  full services. We are taking every precaution to ensure health and cleanliness for our team and clinic.

We are asking that if you have any symptoms, or feel unwell, please rest and stay home.  We offer telehealth services so please let us reach you. We find telehealth to be highly effective and convenient.

We know that this storm shall pass, and we want you to know that we are here to weather it with you. 

Yours in health,

  - One By One


We are a counseling center for women, young and mature.  We offer individual counseling for girls, teenagers, women, couples & families.  We focus on women's mental health. 

At One By One, we specialize in treating women and adolescent girls facing mental health issues and addictions. We specialize in working with women and girls ages 6+ and adults 18+ and their families. Our mission is to heal suffering within families.  We want our clients to feel at home and know that we are there, every step of the way, to walk with them on their journey.

At One By One, we are specialists in treating girls and women of all ages.  We believe in gender specific treatment and specialize in helping girls and women navigate mental health needs through life changes, trials and transitions.


What We Treat

Trauma | Abuse
We treat all forms of abuse, including: sexual, emotional/mental, verbal, physical and spiritual. Abuse can have lasting effects and a deep impact, whether it happened a day ago or decade. Post-traumatic stress disorder is when an individual shows symptoms of experiencing a traumatic event. Symptoms include: nightmares, flashbacks, mood disturbance, sleep issues, memory loss and depression.
Parent Support | Education
Many times, parents feel in over their head with their children, both grown and young. Parents can unconditionally love a child, but struggle to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries. We specialize in helping parents gain control of their home by establishing firm, but loving, boundaries and teaching effective parenting skills. We also help families of adult children and siblings here in Utah and nationwide. We use Telehealth to help with family therapy when necessary.
Anxiety | Depression
Symptoms of anxiety may include: having fear about the future, lack of concentration, sleep issues, heart palpitations, trembling, sweating, excessive worrying and fatigue. Symptoms of depression may include: tearfulness (crying easily), lack of motivation & interest, sleep disturbances, fatigue, social isolation, agitation and appetite issues. Anxiety and depression can exhibit differently in adolescents than in adults such as symptoms of self-harm, nightmares and separation anxieties.
Many girls and women struggle with substance abuse issues. This can include: alcohol, amphetamines, pornography, opiates, marijuana and over the counter medications. We are here to support and teach valuable skills of recovery for women, young and old. We understand that addiction is a family disease and we empower the whole family. We teach the family appropriate boundaries, skills and lifelong knowledge for the best outcome possible for the individual and family.
Grief | Loss
Whether a loss of a loved one, pet or relationship, grief can feel all encompassing and overwhelming. It’s natural to downplay a loss and feel that “people have been through worse” or “it’s silly to feel this way” or the need to “move on” quickly. Professional help can support you as you grieve. Grieving is much like a fingerprint, everyone has one but they are all unique. We all grieve differently and are allowed to feel the feelings we are experiencing as we grieve.
Pre-Marital & Marital
Preparing for marriage can be a time of joy while simultaneously an overwhelming and uncertain time. Participating in counseling can be a good first step in the process of preparing for marriage. Newlyweds becoming “one” as a couple can be a daunting task. Intimacy, communication and navigating new relationships, such as in-laws, can feel overwhelming. Setting boundaries, establishing better systems of communication and creating relationships of trust are all imperative to a healthy marriage.
Pre | Post Divorce Support
Separation can be a very traumatic event in a woman’s life. Whether the marriage was six months or sixty years, pain is the outcome. Even when divorce is the healthiest choice for a bright future, grief remains. Grieving a marriage is a loss, “like a death that someone chooses” as a client once said. Codependency is oftentimes a symptom of a toxic relationship. Whether recently separated or divorced for a decade, counseling can help pick up the pieces after the breakdown of a marriage.
Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD, is characterized by the following symptoms: stormy relationships; acts of self-harm & cutting; impulsive behaviors (overspending, substance abuse); splitting (black and white thinking); shaky identity; fear of abandonment. We are here to teach valuable skills of recovery for women, young and mature, struggling with this disorder. Suffering silently doesn’t have to be the norm anymore. BPD is very treatable when under the care of a skilled clinician.
Body Image | Self-Esteem
Women especially struggle with self-esteem issues, it can become all encompassing, almost obsessive. Whether it’s weight or body image, learning to see one’s self clearly can be a lifelong journey. We educate women, young and mature, about healthy body image and focus on their identity and purpose. We teach that all women have divine worth, and it is fixed. These concepts are the foundation of our treatment approach.
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Jenny e.

Three separate individuals that don’t know each other recommended Jen to me over a four month time period. When I finally got the courage to call for an appointment, the office manager was so friendly and helpful. Upon meeting Jen I began to understand why she was so highly sought after by so many people. She is a gem among therapists. She is so kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. She assigns “homework” that is catered to help each individual improve and have a more quality life. ❤️❤️❤️

Candace H.

Jen was a blessing to our family at such a critical time. Our teenage daughter was not in a good place, battling some pretty heavy stuff. She was cutting and threatening suicide. We had even been in the ER after a couple attempts. Jen stepped in and became the game changer for our daughter. Our girl no longer cuts and is more stable than she has been in a long time. A mother’s heart will always be indebted. Thank you One By One! Our family loves you!!!




If you’re ready to start a better life, we’d love to join you in this journey!


Our passion and mission is to collaborate as we guide clients on the path to their best lives.



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