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One By One Behavioral Health opened its doors three years ago at the base of the majestic Provo Canyon.  The practice is set up to serve individuals and families, with a one by one approach. We focus individually, on each client. We believe that it takes one person to change a family, relationship or community. 


We work hard to create a safe, home-like atmosphere for healing. We believe that true healing occurs when our clients feel safe . We are goal oriented with the main goal to leave our clients better than we found them. 


We accept most insurances as this allows us to help more people. We also accept cash, Venmo and work with ecclesiastical leaders.





Jen was raised as an Army brat, all over the world.  Her rich life experiences led her into the field of mental health. Over the last decade, Jen worked alongside her husband owning and operating residential treatment centers throughout Utah.  She is passionate about this work and been working in the field for over 20 years.

Jen is a DBT therapist, which means she specializes in skills and practical applications to mental health disorders. She has created many of her own skills, which she implements into her practice. Jen believes in harvesting emotional self-reliance for her clients. She finds joy in aiding her clients learn for themselves that they are more than capable of taking charge of their mental health. Stabilization is key, and Jen ensures that her clients are ready for this rigorous work by laying a solid foundation prior to diving in. 


Although her practice focus is on girls and women’s mental health, she understands that mental health impacts the whole family. She is steeped in compassion while holding and teaching solid therapeutic boundaries. Jen understands and has compassion for the drain that a chronically mentally ill individual can have on a family. She takes time help family members gain tools of resiliency and boundaries in an effort to create a healthier situation.

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