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Young Adults

AGES 18-25

Women ages 18-25 are often at a cross roads in their life. They are facing very unique challenges that range from educational pursuits, dating, navigating employment opportunities, preparing for a mission and becoming a young adult.

Due to this, we offer specialized services to help with these specialized life situations.

We offer comprehensive mental health assessments and diagnosis for: bipolar, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD (scrupulosity), self-harming / cutting and other acting out behaviors; postpartum depression, eating disorders and personality disorders (Borderline Personality Disorder); substance abuse: alcohol, cocaine, THC (marijuana) and opiates, amphetamines; pornography.

Missionary Support Services  

We offer specialized services to help young women prepare for a mission. Whether they need additonal support prior to putting in their papers, or it has been recommended to get follow-up therapy after a Pre-Mission Assessment, we can help.

Pre-Marital & Couples  
  • Pre-Marital Support including a comprehensive approach to prepare young couples for the marital relationship, including intimacy

  • Marital Support including couples counseling for women struggling within their marriage relationship; we offer mediation services for navigating the divorce process

Emotional Support Animals

We offer thorough assessments for ESA (Emotional Support Animal) certifications, and require a commitment to at least sixty days of treatment as part of certification.

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