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2 Problems Families Utah County May Face

Children and youth face hard things in Utah County, just like everyone in the US. It’s important that they not only have a safe place to land, but have informed adults in their life.

Some people say Utah County is a “bubble,” and though this may be an opinion of some, what does a bubble really mean?

Utah County does have a predominant religion which may give people the perception that Utah County doesn’t face challenges that the rest of the US does, but this isn’t the case. Utah County faces challenges just like the rest of the world.

Problem 1:

Many families struggle to communicate about difficult subjects such as sex and drugs/alcohol. Children need to have a soft place to land, and it’s imperative that parents in Utah County feel comfortable with their children and teens talking about difficult subjects. If they don’t, who will? Their friends or the internet. Both unreliable.

Problem 2:

Difference of religion. Because Utah County has a predominant religion, many families become distressed with a family member leaves the nest and the Church of their childhood. This can be very stressful for families. This is a unique challenge for Utah County because much of the US doesn’t have a predominant religion all in one place, so the pressure to religiously perform doesn’t take precedence in a family system.

These problems may not seem like a big deal, but they can wreak havoc on families in Utah County.

Communication is a key for families, especially in Utah County. Therapists can help bridge the gap when communication has broken down or is non-existent. A therapist can act as a mediator for families, especially for mother-daughter relationships that are strained. Girls in Utah County face problems such as self-harm, underage drinking, sexually acting out, truancy and other high risk behaviors. It’s imperative that these youth have informed adults to count on and turn to.

And when religious preferences differ, it’s important that families remain in tact. Too often, family members become estranged due to not having the same religious beliefs. This can be tragic. Again, this boils down to communication. An informed and trained therapist can help.

Why find a therapist in Utah County?

Utah County faces unique challenges. It’s important to work with a therapist who can understand the various issues families in Utah County face. At One By One, we are based in the heart of Utah County and work hard to remain informed and educated on the specific issues facing Utah County.

If you or your family are facing and of these unique challenges, give us a call. We are here. We can help. Call Today.

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