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Justin and Jen Makin have been married for 20 years. She is a licensed mental health counselor and he is a certified life coach. They serve their community by tackling issues that go to the heart of the matter. 


Jen specializes in treating girls and women with more acute cases such as suicidal ideations, self-harm and high risk behaviors. Justin specializes in working with men facing pornography addiction.

Jen is driven by the stories she hears on a daily bases to educate and treat girls and women in Utah. Utah presents unique challenges due to many various facets. 


“Overall, many girls and women do not know their worth and value. As a result, they engage in toxic behaviors and attract harmful relationships that match how they feel inside. It is my absolute full focus to give my clients skills to stop these thinking patterns, beliefs and behaviors once and for all. Period.” - Jen Makin, CMHC


Justin’s passion lies within educating the men of the valley about healthy intimacy, love and relationship. In his opinion, many get sideways due to the sludge of pornography addiction and the damaging effects that it has on human intimacy. Justin skillfully teaches men to make micro-changes that lead to massive results. 


“I have seen pornography addiction rip through this valley.  It has taken hostage too many of the men of this community. I am on a mission to stop it in its tracks and help men reclaim their lives and the lives of those torn apart due to  this destructive plague.” - Justin Makin


Jen and Justin also work with individuals facing other challenges, but their passion is rooted in these core issues. It is their mission to heal families, one by one.

Our Mission



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