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Assessment | Diagnosis

The first appointment is an Assessment, which takes about an hour.  In the assessment, our providers use diagnostic tools and measures to assess and examine client’s overall mental health status.  Many times, a diagnosis can be made that same day.  In other cases, a diagnosis takes time to develop as more symptoms may manifest over time.


Our clients are continually assessed throughout the treatment process.  Our goal is to facilitate assessments that lead to a proper diagnosis, while eliminating symptoms throuhout the process. 


In some cases, we work with outside medical providers who can assist with any underlying biological or medical conditions.  Our goal is stabilization, and the first step is a comprehensive assessment.


Individual Counseling

At One By One, we offer individual counseling for girls, ages 6-12, teens ages 13-17 and adult women ages 18+. We have nine core specialties.  We treat a variety of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, PTSD, OCD and ADHD. We also address and treat high risk behavior, including cutting, running away or acting out behaviors. We specialize in treating Borderline Personality Disorder.


During treatment, our clients learn skills to cope with their mental health and/or addictions. On a case by case basis, we may work with loved ones to ensure a comprehensive approach. Creating a safe place for our clients and their loved ones is our number one goal.


Marriage Counseling

We live in a stressful world and in many cases families are affected by these stressors.  As a result, marriages are often impacted negatively. We work with couples, whether married, separated or in the process of divorce, we offer a supportive and mediating approach.  We teach powerful skills of emotional health and self-reliance.

We offer pre-marital counseling which has proven benefits to help couples prepare for not only the big day, but the many years together. We cover marrying into families from various backgrounds and blending families. 


We support couples to learn to communicate effectively and work together, rather against one another. We address difficult topics and issues, teaching couples how to respectfully work together. Marriage counseling is a process and can be difficult. We support the journey.


Family Counseling

Treating the whole family is one of the keys to our success.  Most clients we treat are in some kind of crisis, and this bleeds into the entire family unit.  When families are distressed, they need support.  Although we specialize in treating girls and women, we allow boys and men to guest in the session. This allows our clients to feel empowered and safe in the process.

We specialize in mother-daughter work, which we believe is vital for any family system to heal and grow. Mothers and daughters have a unique relationship and bond. At times, various factors can place a strain on this important relationship. We can help repair it and restore trust.


Our treatment approach is designed to foster self-reliance for families.  One By One works hard to heal the family, from the inside out. We offer ongoing support, with the end goal of confidence and independence for both the clients and their families.



EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. EMDR is used to treat trauma. We define trauma as: any experience that felt overwhelming or unsafe. Though EMDR is a new evidence based practice, in the past 30 years of research, researchers have found EMDR to be very effective in treating trauma.

EMDR works by using bilateral stimulation, which is simply side to side, or back and forth, movement during therapy. This type of movement naturally occurs daily (such as rocking a baby or our eyes during the REM cycle of sleep).


Research has found that when applied during therapy, clients are able to more quickly move through and release trauma.


During EMDR, our clients position themselves comfortably, and therapists use lights or small handheld devices to facilitate treatment.'

Many times, our clients experience triggers (or body sensations and uncomfortable emotions) due to recalling traumatic events. It is our hope that our clients are able to release their trauma, once and for all, and feel more calm and peaceful. 


Our goal is to help our clients eliminate negative beliefs associated with their traumatic memories. It is our hope that our clients leave much better than we found them, full of comfort, hope and renewed peace.


Play Therapy

Play therapy offers our clients a safe space to heal and process trauma using play as the therapeutic medium. At One By One, we have a robust play therapy room that offers a safe, healing environment. Many times, traumatized children cannot verbally explain their pain.  However, through play they are able to act out and imitate their experiences and emotions.


We have highly skilled therapists to facilitate play therapy which allows children to safely explore emotions and feelings while engaging caregivers in the process of healing and discovery.


We believe that what you don’t talk out, you act out. It is our goal to help children safely process and find the healing they are desperately seeking due to facing traumatic events. Let our play therapists help today.

Pre-Marital | Marital


Our teletherapy service is set up through our confidential online client portal.  This service is for clients who are either unable to come into our office for various reasons or who live outside of Utah County.  With this service, we are able to reach and treat our clients from the comforts of their home.

We want to meet the unique needs of our clients through our confidential and secure HIPAA compliant telehealth portal.  With One By One, you can rest assured that your information is safe on the web.  We understand the unique needs of our world and have designed services to meet those needs.

Pre | Post Divorce
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