One By One Behavioral


Though EMDR is a new evidence based practice, in the past 30 years of research, researchers  have found EMDR to be very effective in treating trauma. Many times, our clients experience triggers (or body sensations and uncomfortable emotions) due to recalling traumatic events. It is our hope that our clients are able to release their trauma, once and for all, and feel more calm and peaceful through EMDR.

How It Works

EMDR works by using bilateral stimulation, which is simply side to side, or back and forth, movement during therapy. 


This type of movement naturally occurs daily (such as rocking a baby or our eyes during the REM cycle of sleep). Research has found that when applied during therapy, clients are able to more quickly move through and release trauma.


During EMDR, our clients position themselves comfortably, and therapists use lights or small handheld devices to facilitate treatment.