CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It is a type of therapy that focuses on bettering behavior through changing thought patterns.  It comes from the belief that all behavior starts in the mind.


We work with clients to interrupt unhealthing thinking patterns and challenge negative beliefs. We have developed skills to help clients re-write stories within themselves. 

How It Works

Many times, clients don't realize their negative cognitions. Once pointed out, it takes mind mastery to begin to think in new, enlightened ways. We teach power tools and coping strategies to enable clients improve emotional regulation.

Clients find freedom in joy in letting old ways of thinking and believing go, and attaching to new, healthy ways. It can be a challenge to shake off the chains wrapped tightly around held core beliefs. But change is possible, even in the most dire of situations. CBT allows clients to regain control of their thinking thus impacting their behavior tremendously.

It is our hope that clients create emotional self-reliance tools to use on a daily  basis that eventually become habit. Creating new habits opens up a whole new world of possiblity.