One By One is run by a dynamic couple, Justin and Jen Makin. Their vision to help families struggling with the pains of mental health and addiction.  This is their life’s work and passion.


This is not the couple’s first rodeo.  They have owned several businesses together, including a large residential inpatient treatment center that they sold in 2012 that is still operational today.  They are proud of their history and pinch themselves that they still get to work together daily. 


Together, they are committed to do their best to make a dent in our community helping heal families.  


Justin oversees the business and is passionate about creating systems that leave a lasting impact.  Jen’s passion lies in clinical oversight and programming. Together, they combat not only mental illness and substance abuse, but pornography addiction as well. 


“We have seen pornography addiction rip through this valley.  It has taken hostage the men and women of our community. I am on a mission to stop it in its tracks and help people reclaim their lives and the lives of those lost to this destructive virus.  It is our mission to heal families, one by one.” - Justin Makin


Together, as they work to heal hearts and homes, they marvel at the miracles that they witness daily.  They know that pornography addiction is a missile that is destroying marriages and families. Pornography kills intimacy and love.  Justin has developed an innovative program that deactivates this missile and stops it in it’s course.  


Justin trains and teaches our counselors on how to pass the torch of pornography addiction recovery.  Justin believes this is his life’s work. He loves watching individuals reverently walk out of the darkness of pornography addiction and into the light of hope in recovery.


Jen oversees a dynamic clinical team that treats men, women and children struggling with tough stuff.  She loves working with members of our community. At One By One, treating the whole family is our priority.  We understand that when mental health or addiction issues strike, the whole family is impacted. We are armed and ready to take on the challenge.


“I love what I do.  Some people ask me how I do it; to me, it’s an honor.  To walk with our clients, in their pain, and to witness healing and see hope restored is an amazing gift that no other job could afford.  I am so grateful for One By One and the work we do. I love watching families heal. To me, there is nothing better. This is the only work that would take me out of my own home.” - Jen Makin


We would love to work with you. 



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One By One Behavioral Health 2019

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